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JRM Technologies specializes in advanced Electro-optics & Infrared sensor phenomenology modeling and simulation. We provide industry-leading real-time high-fidelity simulations and stimulations for FLIR, NVG, and Radar Sensor Image Generators and Stimulators.

When it comes to simulating or stimulating EO/IR/RF sensors the right way, JRM is the clear choice! Our products and services are trusted by professionals who both build and use sensors for their sensor applications.

We provide EO/IR/RF simulations and stimulations that incorporate real physics for signature and atmospheric, ensuring the most realistic results possible. Our fully configurable real sensor parameters accurately replicate the behavior of real-world sensors, allowing for precise simulations. Furthermore, our simulations include engineering-level sensor effects in real time, providing an accurate representation of how sensors would behave in real-world scenarios.

Whether you require virtual or constructive simulations, hardware-in-the-loop or software in the loop stimulations, JRM Technologies has the expertise and technology to meet your needs. We offer a wide selection of turn-key sensor simulators and stimulators, such as our OSV and Chimaera products. Additionally, we offer various partner platforms that utilize our sensor SDK and plugins.

JRM is the right choice for all your EO/IR/RF sensor modeling and simulation needs. With our comprehensive and reliable solutions, you can trust us to deliver accurate results.

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