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We are excited to announce that the JRM sensor plugin and SDK has been fully integrated with Epic Games' Unreal Engine. This incredible integration enables us to provide you with the most cutting-edge EO/IR/RF sensor solutions. By harnessing the immense capabilities of Unreal Engine alongside our advanced sensor technology, we have the ability to meet the unique needs of various industries and applications, such as robotics, automotive, and aerospace sectors.


JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-In & SDK


The JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-in is JRM’s physics-based, real-time spectral EO/IR sensor scene simulator, utilizing the popular UNREAL ENGINE toolkit to load materially-encoded targets and terrain. JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-in integrates JRM’s SigSim and SenSim run-time libraries to predict correlated, radiometrically-correct 2D sensor imagery for arbitrary sensor bands, under arbitrary weather conditions and spatio-temporal viewing locations.


Dynamic, Correlated Radiance Prediction for Arbitrary Sensor Bands, from a Single Database


JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-in employs JRM’s highly-optimized SigSim™ signature physics library to predict diurnal sensor-band phenomena across the UV through far IR (0.20–25.0μm) spectrum, including ephemeris, atmospheric extinction and scattering parameters, natural and man-made irradiant influences, and surface temperatures.


Dynamic Post-Aperture Sensor Effects


Once the 2D at-aperture radiance image is formed in the GPU, The The JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-in’s built-in SenSim™ library provides real-time, physics-based simulation of post-aperture sensor noise, blur, gain, and haloing effects, driven by user-defined optical, detector array, signal processing, and display parameters.


Available as a Turn-Key Tool or SDK Library


The JRM EO/IR Sensor Plug-in allows the user to easily create and simulate a dynamic tactical sensor scenario. In a Sensor-Plugin-enabled project, one can load a 3D terrain database, specify any number of arbitrary sensors, atmospheric and weather conditions, place 3D vehicle models in the scene, and create sequence files to animate entity motion.


The SDK offers customizable plugin code, so that one may perform actions such as the following in a programmatic way, on-the-fly:

  •  Sensor parameter changes, including those parameters not currently found in the GUI.
  •  Sensor position & orientation changes (as long as these are also coordinated with corresponding changes to Unreal camera actors)
  •  Vehicle active thermal region & undercarriage reflection state changes.
  •  Environmental and Date/Time-of-Day changes (as long as these are also coordinated with corresponding changes to existing Unreal sun/sky assets, for OTW correlation).
  •  Programmatic capture and scenario-time-tagging of FPF image output.
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