Validation Equipment

High-Resolution Signature Measurement and Validation Equipment

For validation of predicted signatures and measurement of spectral material properties for use in subsequent predictions, JRM has acquired a suite of sensors, which together cover the 0.35 to 16µm spectral range, have digital control and readout to a laptop computer, and can be mounted for field as well as laboratory use.

For field measurements, we are able to spectrally measure hemispherical reflectance and emittance of arbitrary samples via comparison with the calibrated sources (spectralon panels and stabilized reference blackbodies, respectively) which are supplied with these devices.

The Analytical Spectral Devices FieldSpec® Pro FR is the industry standard for a wide range of challenging Remote Sensing/Earth Science applications offers superior signal-enhancing features and high resolution with a 0.35µm to 2.5µm spectral range with 0.003µm resolution at 0.7µm and 0.01µm resolution above 1.4µm.





The Designs & Prototypes Model 102 is a liquid-nitrogen-cooled spectral InSb/MCT detector covering the 2-16 µm range, with 6 wavenumber resolution.

Both have been ruggedly designed for portable field use, yet have 1° FOV foreoptic assemblies which will allow us to flood the aperture with the target sample even within the confines of the laboratory.

Together, these sensors, and their use both in the field and in our laboratory, allow us not only to validate the optical, NVG and thermal spectral predictions from our software products, but also to develop our own library of fully wavelength and angle-dependent BRDF measurements for a variety of man-made and natural materials.